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Resources for you and your patients.

Here you’ll find brochures, forms, trackers, and other tools to help with everything from dosing to managing side effects.


Kineret on TRACK referral form
KINERET On TRACK Referral Form

Use this form to prescribe Kineret® (anakinra) for your patient. This will automatically enroll them in the KINERET® On TRACK patient support service.

Kineret Patient Assistance Program Application Form
KINERET Patient Assistance Program Application Form

Have your patient fill out this form to determine eligibility for financial assistance.

Printable guides

Introduction To Kineret
An Introduction To Kineret

Information and tips to help your patient get started.

Patient discussion checklist
How To Talk About Kineret

Use this checklist to set expectations for your patient before they begin Kineret.

Injection site reactions guide
Injection Site Reactions

A guide to understanding and managing a common side effect of Kineret.

Storage and injection instructions
Kineret Instructions For Use

Instructions for storing and injecting Kineret.

Patient injection tracker
Kineret Injection Tracker

Printable sheets patients and caregivers can use to keep track of injection sites.

Kineret treatment guide
Kineret Treatment Guide

A brochure with information about how Kineret works, how to store and inject Kineret, and details about the services of KINERET On TRACK. Suitable for patients with RA or NOMID.

Kineret Patient Journey
Kineret Patient Journey

This graphic illustrates the difficult-to-treat RA journey and how it may lead to Kineret.

Patient ID Tool For Nurses
Patient ID Tool For Nurses

A guide designed to assist nurses in identifying patients with difficult-to-treat RA who might be right for Kineret.

Kineret dose calculator

Dose Calculator


## mg

1 syringe = 100 mg.
Doses greater than 100 mg will require more than one syringe.

Kineret syringe

Injection training videos

Self-Injection for Adults

Injection Video for Children and Families